Tips to make your online job search go more smoothly

Advice for optimizing your online job search.

Take Time and Yourself Seriously

If you are not careful, looking for work online can quickly turn into a job that requires your full-time attention. Make sure you give yourself at least a couple of hours each day to look for work, and then use the rest of your time effectively. You could acquire new knowledge, earn a certification, watch Ted Talks on professional development, or listen to podcasts that focus on personal development.

Customize the Way You Search

It is essential to search using the appropriate keywords in order to find relevant jobs. If you search for a job using broad terms like “writer” or “photographer,” you will waste a lot of time going through listings for positions that aren’t relevant to you. Make use of relevant search terms instead, such as “real estate photographer” or “marketing copywriter.”

You will also save time if you make use of the filter options that are available on the websites where you are conducting your job search. To narrow your search results, for instance, add details such as your level of experience, preference for on-site or remote working, estimated salary, distance from your home, and so on.

Search Niche Job Websites

You can find the majority of job listings on job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed; however, you can access specialized jobs on websites that cater to a specific audience. FlexJobs and We Work Remotely, for example, both have a variety of opportunities available all over the world if you are looking for full-time or part-time employment that you can do remotely. Idealist may be your best bet for jobs at NGOs and charitable organizations.

Discover New Contacts Through LinkedIn

You are aware of the significance that LinkedIn plays in your professional advancement. Therefore, make it a priority to actively seek out connections and maintain those relationships. You can find out about the latest happenings in the industry and make connections that could lead to job opportunities by reading them. Keep in mind that this new connection could be the key to landing a new job for you.

Invest a significant amount of time into using LinkedIn so that you can expand your professional network. It is absolutely necessary if you are just starting out in the workforce or if you are looking to switch careers.

Make Your Resume Unique 

Sending the same resume to multiple employers at the same time is a red flag. If that’s the case, we need to make some adjustments. It is expected by hiring managers that you will tailor your resume specifically for each job that you apply for. You don’t have to start from scratch, but you should make some adjustments to your summary and highlight the skills and experience that are pertinent to the position.


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